September 2020

FileDocument TypeTitleDate
SDOB-DM-08-20-305MemorandumHubHuman Virtual School Solution - Connecting All Educators and Learners9/30/2020
SDOB-DA-04-20-115AdvisoryChange of Schedule Re: 2020 World Teacher's Day (WTD) Program of the SDO 9/30/2020
SDOB-DM-03-20-304MemorandumSpecific Schedule of DepEd Programs for Online and TV Broadcast on 28 September - 2 October 20209/30/2020
SDOB-03-20-303MemorandumUNESCO Asia-Pasific of Education for International Understanding (APCEIU) Request for the Dissemination of the Survey on the Enhancement in Global Competency of the Programme Participants from 2017-20199/30/2020
SDOB-DM-05-20-302MemorandumCALABARZON Alternative Work Arrangement (AWA) Template9/29/2020
SDOB-DM-05A-20-201MemorandumSubmission of Applications for Ranking of Master Teacher I for Bacoor National High School Main and Annexes 9/29/2020
SDOB-DM-05A-20-300MemorandumRequirements for the Submission of Equivalent Record Form (ERF) for Reclassification 9/25/2020
SDOB-DM-04-20-299Memorandum2020 World Teacher's Day (WTD)9/25/2020
NV No. 08 s. 2020Notice of Vacancy Medical Officer III9/24/2020
SDOB-DM-04-20-298MemorandumComposition of the Schools Division Research Committee (SDRC) and Its Roles and Responsibilities 9/24/2020
SDOB-DM-05-20-297MemorandumGuidelines on Private Practice of Profession, Vocation, or Private Business9/24/2020
SDOB-DM-03-20-296MemorandumSupporting English Teaching and Learning Through Online and Offline Methods: A Micro-Course and Video Series for Educators Managing Interrupted Face-to-Face Instruction in the Philippines9/24/2020
SDOB-DM-05A-20-295MemorandumSubmission of Applications for Promotion of Elementary Teacher III9/24/2020
SDOB-DM-03-20-293MemorandumOnline Training for Implementers of the Special Curricular Programs (SCPs) in the New Normal 9/24/2020
SDOB-DM-03-20-292MemorandumCollaboration Meeting with the SDO LDM 2 Coaches for Teachers and Offsite Technical Assistance on the Identified Issues on the Implementation of Learning Delivery Modalities (LDM) Course 2 for Teachers9/24/2020
SDOB-DM-04A-20-289MemorandumOrientation Program for the Proper Implementation of School Milk Feeding Program 9/21/2020
SDOB-DA-04-20-113Advisory2020 Virtual Mind Education Training Program9/21/2020
SDOB-DA-04-20-112Advisory Online Workshop for Breach Response and Cyber Security9/21/2020
SDOB-DA-04-20-111AdvisoryAddressing Mental Health Issues Amidst The COVID-19 Pandemic9/21/2020
SDOB-DM-04-20-288MemorandumOnline Orientation on Learner Information System (LIS) Updates In Line With Beginning of School Year 2020-20219/21/2020
SDOB-DM-05A-20-287MemorandumSubmission of Applications For Promotion of Elementary Master Teacher II9/21/2020
SDOB-DM-04A-20-286MemorandumPaghubog: A Division Webinar on Teacher Adviser Program9/18/2020
SDOB-DM-04-20-285MemorandumList of Learning Development Modality (LDM) Course 2 For Coaches and Teachers9/18/2020
SDOB-DA-03-20-110AdvisoryInvitation for Knowledge Channel's School At Home Webinar9/18/2020
SDOB-DA-04-20-109AdvisoryOnline Training of Southeast Asian Institute of Educational Training, Inc. 9/15/2020
SDOB-DA-04-20-108AdvisoryAsia Leadership Forum 20209/15/2020
SDOB-DA-04-20-107AdvisoryVirtual Conferences of Center for Human Research and Development Foundation, Inc. 9/15/2020
SDOB-DA-04-20-106AdvisoryVirtual Conferences For Lumina Foundation For Integral Human Development 9/15/2020
SDOB-DA-03-20-105Advisory32nd Mathematical Sciences Week9/15/2020
SDOB-DA-03-20-104AdvisorySearch For Weemake Youth, Mentor and Institutional Innovation Ambassador Awards9/15/2020
SDOB-DM-02-20-284MemorandumDivision Management Committee Meeting9/14/2020
SDOB-DA-04-20-103AdvisoryOnline Training Course on Business Process Streamlining9/14/2020
SDOB-DM-04-20-283MemorandumAddendum to the Division Memorandum SDOB-DM-04-20-273 Invitation to the Brigada Eskwela Partnership Webinar Series #2: Parents and Teachers in A Home-Based Learning Setting Batch 39/11/2020
SDOB-DM-04-20-282MemorandumDivision Field Technical Assistance Synchronized Monitoring and Evaluation on School Readiness for School Opening SY 2020-20219/11/2020
SDOB-DM-03-20-281Memorandum"Bacoor Brigada Basa" Implementation Aligned to the New Normal 9/11/2020
SDOB-DM-03-20-280MemorandumGuidelines on the Development of Learning Resources for Radio-Based Instruction 9/11/2020
SDOB-DM-05A-20-279MemorandumSubmission of Application for Promotion of Senior High School Principal II and Assistant School Principal II9/11/2020
SDOB-DM-03-20-278MemorandumParticipation to the National Online Training for Kindergarten Remote Teaching and Learning Developmentally-Appropriate Responses in the Time of COVID-19 9/11/2020
SDOB-DM-03-20-277MemorandumParticipation to the Series of Online Training Programs and Orientation on Inclusive and Special Education in the New Normal9/11/2020
SDOB-DA-03-20-102AdvisoryKaSaMa Teachers Community Series on Remote Teaching and Learning9/11/2020
SDOB-DA-04-20-101AdvisoryOnline ICT Training Programs9/11/2020
SDOB-DM-02-20-276MemorandumReiteration of DepEd's "No Collection Policy"9/11/2020
SDOB-DA-03-20-100Advisory Crafting Chapters and Lessons in Thought Leadership Year 79/11/2020
SDOB-DA-04-20-99AdvisoryMobile Photography and Poem Recitation Contests for Students in the Region 9/11/2020
SDOB-DA-04-20-98AdvisoryU.P. Lipunang Pangkasaysayan (U.P. LIKAS)9/11/2020
SDOB-DA-04-20-97AdvisoryBeyond Webinars: Intensive Capacity Building Programs for School Administrators, Teachers, and Parents in the New Normal9/11/2020
SDOB-DM-04-20-275MemorandumReiteration of the Interim Guidelines on the Conduct of the National Simultaneous Earthquake Drill (NSED) During the Corona Virus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) Pandemic 9/9/2020
SDOB-DM-03b-20-274MemorandumDistribution of Quarter 1 Kindergarten and Senior High School Modules9/9/2020
SDOB-DM-04-20-273MemorandumInvitation to the Brigada Eskwela Partnership Webinar Series #2: Parents and Teachers in A Home-Based Learning Setting Batch 39/9/2020
SDOB-DM-03-20-272MemorandumSubmission and Review of Articles for K.I.T.E9/9/2020
SDOB-DA-04-20-96AdvisoryResearch Statistics Training Proposal 9/9/2020
SDOB-DM-05A-20-271MemorandumRescheduling of Computer-Based English Proficiency Test (EPT) for Elementary, Junior and Senior High School Teacher Applicants 9/8/2020
SDOB-DM-05A-20-270MemorandumDeployment of First Batch of Qualified Senior High School Teacher Applicants for SY 2020-20219/8/2020
SDOB-DM-04-20-269MemorandumOrientation of Learning Delivery Modality (LDM) Course 2 For Learning Action Cell (LAC) Leaders 9/4/2020
SDOB-DM-03-20-268MemorandumExtension of Date for the Offline Individual Conversion of ADM Modules Into Inclusive Digital Format with Audio, Sign Language Interpretation, and Image Description 9/4/2020
SDOB-DM-03-20-267MemorandumOrientation on Work Immersion Implementation Guidelines During Crisis Situation 9/4/2020
SDOB-DM-03-20-266MemorandumSeries of Online Training Programs and Orientation of General Education and SPED Teachers, Parents of Learners with Disabilities, School Heads and Supervisors on Inclusive and Special Education in the New Normal9/4/2020
SDOB-DM-03-20-265MemorandumPolicy Guidelines on the Adoption of the K to 12 Transition Curriculum Framework for Learners with Disabilities9/4/2020
SDOB-DM-03-20-264MemorandumContinuation of Quality Assurance of PIVOT4A Self-Learning Modules (SLMs) for Second Quarter9/4/2020
SDOB-DA-03-20-95AdvisoryDistrict Field Advisers (DFA's) Meeting9/4/2020
SDOB-DM-02-20-263MemorandumDivision Management Committee Meeting9/4/2020
SDOB-DM-04-20-262MemorandumReiteration of SDOB-DM-04-20-226 The Submission of Final School Learning Continuity Plans (SLCPs) for SY 2020-20219/3/2020
SDOB-DM-05A-20-261MemorandumConduct of Hiring & Selection Process for Promotion of Teacher II & III of Bacoor National High School - Molino Main9/3/2020
SDOB-DM-04-20-260MemorandumNew Schedule and Additional Guidelines on the Conduct of Mental Health and Psychosocial Support Services for the Opening of Classes, School Year 2020-20219/3/2020
SDOB-DM-03-20-259MemorandumOnline National Training for Kindergarten Remote Teaching and Learning Developmentally Appropriate Responses in the COVID-19 9/2/2020
SDOB-DM-05A-20-258MemorandumList of Qualified Teacher Applicants for Senior High School for School Year 2020-20219/2/2020
SDOB-DM-05A-20-257MemorandumResults of Hiring and Selection Process for Guidance Counselor II, Administrative Officer I & Administrative Aide IV of Bacoor National High School 9/2/2020