October 2020

FileDocument TypeTitleDate
SDOB-DA-04-20-144Advisory Closing Ceremony of Red Cross Youth Month Celebration 202010/30/2020
SDOB-DM-05-20-367MemorandumNew Normal Guidelines on the Application of Short-Term Loan Via Virtual Pag-ibig (Home Development Mutual Fund/Pag-Ibig Fund)10/29/2020
SDOB-DM-04-20-366Memorandum2020 Search for Outstanding COVID-19 Volunteers of the National Volunteer Service Coordinating Agency 10/29/2020
SDOB-DA-04-20-143AdvisoryOJO Eyewear - Invitation for Eyecare Program 10/29/2020
SDOB-DM-08-20-358MemorandumOrientation on DCP Utilization for Document Routing and Tracking System10/22/2020
SDOB-DM-08-20-349MemorandumTraining on DCP Utilization of Learning Management System (LMS) 10/20/2020
SDOB-DM-04-20-365MemorandumProvision of Technical Assistance to the Adopted Schools for the Finalization of Annual Implementation Plans (AIP) CY 202110/28/2020
SDOB-DM-04-20-364Memorandum2020 National Children's Month Celebration 10/28/2020
SDOB-DM-05-20-360MemorandumRevised Interim Guidelines on the Use of Leave Credits for Absences Due to Quarantine and/or Treatment Relative to the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)10/27/2020
SDOB-Dm-03-20-363MemorandumWorkshop on the Development and Validation Industry-Aligned Unique Specializations Under the Senior High School Program10/27/2020
SDOB-Dm-03-20-362MemorandumOnline National Workshop for Senior High Schools (SHS) Primals Plus on Supplementary Learning Materials for Applied Subjects 10/27/2020
SDOB-DM-03-20-361MemorandumCreation of Technical Working Group to Conduct Conformance Review on Submitted SLMs10/27/2020
SDOB-DA-04-20-141AdvisoryAdvisory on the Implementation of the Medical-Nursing Services and the Adolescent Reproductive Health Program from 2020-202110/27/2020
SDOB-DA-04-20-140AdvisoryRed Cross Youth Month Celebration 2020, Theme: "Empowered, Passionate, Optimistic, Courageous, and Humanitarian (EPOCH): Leaders of the New Normal"10/27/2020
SDOB-DA-04-20-139AdvisoryWorld Tsunami Awareness Day (WTAD) 2020, Theme: "Tsunami Awareness, Community Preparedness, and Proper Response in the New Normal"10/27/2020
SDOB-DM-03-20-359MemorandumOrientation on Interim Guidelines for Assessment and Grading in Light of the Basic Education Learning Continuity Plan 10/23/2020
SDOB-NM-04A-20-42Notice of MeetingSchool Establishments and Separation of Annexes10/23/2020
SDOB-NM-02-20-41Notice of Meeting Performance Review of OPCRF 2019-202010/23/2020
SDOB-DM-03b-20-357MemorandumDistribution of TLE-Cookery 7/8 and Dressmaking 7/8 Modules10/22/2020
SDOB-DM-05A-20-351MemorandumResults of Hiring and Selection Process for Medical Officer III10/21/2020
SDOB-DM-03-20-356MemorandumUtilization of the Revised Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) and Assessment Forms 10/21/2020
SDOB-DM-03-20-353MemorandumDepEd-UNICEF OER/EBook Development Training and Workshop 10/21/2020
SDOB-DM-03-20-352MemorandumDepEd Error Watch Initiative 10/21/2020
SDOB-DA-03-20-142AdvisoryInvitation to the NCCA-NCLIS-UP SLIS Capacity Building for Paraprofessionals Working in Public School Libraries10/21/2020
SDOB-DA-03-20-138Advisory3rd National Peacetival of Talents and Valtues 10/21/2020
SDOB-DA-03-20-137AdvisorySipnayan 202010/21/2020
SDOB-DA-03-20-136AdvisoryPantugtog Kawayan ni Juan: Usapang Kultura at Kabuhayan10/21/2020
SDOB-DM-04-20-352MemorandumMandatory Accomplishment and Submission of Health Declaration Form for all Visitors Prior to Entering School and Office Premises10/20/2020
SDOB-DM-04-20-348MemorandumGuidelines for Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) Standards for the Public Sector10/20/2020
SDOB-DM-03-20-351MemorandumCongratulatory Memorandum for the Participants and Winners of the 6th DOST-CALABARZON Research, Statistics and Innovation Forum10/20/2020
SDOB-DM-03-20-350MemorandumContextualized Monitoring Tool for Instructional Supervision in the New Normal 10/20/2020
SDOB-DA-04-20-135Advisory19th APNIEVE National Convention 10/20/2020
SDOB-DA-04-20-134AdvisoryCorrigendum to Advisory SDOB-DA-04-20-128, Re: Invitation to First Webinar Series, Entitled: "Pis, Kamusta na Ang Iyong Pag-aaral" 10/20/2020
SDOB-DA-04-20-133Advisory#LINKOnline/Webinar Session 3: "Wired for Mental Health: Building Healthy Family Relationships"10/20/2020
SDOB-DM-04-20-347MemorandumRegional Offsite Visit and Technical Assistance on Strengthening the Implementation of PIVOT Learning Continuity Plan Shifting in High Gear Based on School effectiveness Tool Kit 10/19/2020
SDOB-DM-04-20-346MemorandumOrientation on School-Based Feeding Program (SBFP) for SY 2020-202110/19/2020
SDOB-DA-04-20-132AdvisoryHandwashing Infomercial Contest10/19/2020
SDOB-DM-04-20-345MemorandumUnilab Inc's Healthy Learning with Ceelin Plus Chewables and Nutroplex School Tour 10/16/2020
SDOB-DM-04-20-344MemorandumRed Cross Youth Council (RCYC) Accreditation 10/16/2020
SDOB-DA-03-20-131AdvisoryALS Directory Dated October 06, 202010/16/2020
SDOB-DA-03-20-130Advisory28th National Children's Month10/16/2020
SDOB-DA-03-20-129AdvisoryOnline Learning Animation Videos for Grade 1 to 6 10/16/2020
SDOB-NM-05C-20-39Notice of Meeting Pre-Procurement Meeting for School-Based Feeding Program10/15/2020
SDOB-DM-05A-20-343MemorandumConduct of Hiring and Selection Process of Applicants of Senior High School Teacher II10/14/2020
SDOB-DM-05A-20-342MemorandumConduct of Hiring and Selection Process for Applicants of Medical Officer III10/14/2020
SDOB-DA-04-20-128AdvisoryInvitation to First Webinar Series, Entitled: "Pis Kamusta na Ang Iyong Pag-aaral"10/14/2020
SDOB-DM-05-20-335MemorandumAnnouncement of Vacancies in the Regional Office IV-A10/13/2020
SDOB-DM-05A-20-338MemorandumSubmission of English Proficiency Test Results of Applicants Who Took the EPT from Other Schools Division Offices10/13/2020
SDOB-DM-04-20-341MemorandumAddendum to SDOB-DM-04-20-334 Re: Submission of Annual Improvement Plan (AIP) for Calendar Year 202110/13/2020
SDOB-DM-04-20-340MemorandumReorientation, Workshop, and Submission of Annual Improvement Plan (AIP) for Calendar Year 202110/13/2020
SDOB-DM-04-20-337MemorandumMonitoring of School-Based Feeding Program - Milk Feeding Component 10/13/2020
SDOB-DM-04-20-336MemorandumSubmission of Nominees to SEAMEO Innotech's Online Version of the Southeast Asian School Leadership Program (SEA-SLP)10/13/2020
SDOB-DA-04-20-127AdvisoryFree Webinar: Protek for Schools10/13/2020
SDOB-DA-04-20-126Advisory2nd Guro Excellence Awards10/13/2020
SDOB-DA-04-20-125AdvisoryOnline Virtual Reviews10/13/2020
SDOB-DM-05-20-339MemorandumInternal Guidelines on the Implementation of Section 4 of RA Np. 1149410/13/2020
SDOB-DA-04-30-124AdvisoryOnline Workshop for Data Privacy Awareness and Compliance Privacy Impact Assessment and Cyber Security Threats and Attacks10/13/2020
SDOB-DM-04-20-334MemorandumSubmission of Annual Improvement Plan (AIP) for Calendar Year 2021 10/12/2020
SDOB-NM-02-20-38Notice of Meeting Special Meeting of Learning Leaders10/12/2020
SDOB-DM-04-20-331MemorandumTransfer of Management and Supervision of Gulayan sa Paaralan Program (GPP) 10/12/2020
SDOB-DM-03-20-332MemorandumInterim Guidelines for Assessment and Grading in Light of the Basic Education Learning Continuity Plan 10/12/2020
SDOB-DM-03-20-332 Attachment Memorandum Interim Guidelines for Assessment and Grading in Light of the Basic Education Learning Continuity Plan 10/12/2020
SDOB-DM-01-20-333MemorandumAlternative Work Arrangement in View of COVID-19 Pandemic10/12/2020
SDOB-DM-04-20-330MemorandumAmendment to DepEd Order No. 007, s. 2020 (School Calendar and Activities for School Year 2020-2021)10/11/2020
SDOB-DA-04-20-123Advisory1st International Virtual Research Conference on Multiculturalism10/9/2020
SDOB-DA-04-20-122AdvisoryInstabright Publication 10/9/2020
SDOB-DM-05A-20-323MemorandumSubmission of Application for Secondary School Principal IV Position in Bacoor National High School - Molino Main10/8/2020
SDOB-DM-07-20-328MemorandumPreparation of FY 2021 Work and Financial Plan 10/8/2020
SDOB-DM-04-20-324MemorandumCongratulatory Memorandum to the Winners of 2019 Bright Smile, Bright Future (BSBF) Inner Strength Stories Contest with the Theme "Tibay ng Ngiti, Tibay ng Loob"10/8/2020
SDOB-DM-05C-20-329MemorandumSubmission of the Following Documents on the Reproduction and Delivery of Self-Learning Modules (SLMs) for the SY 2020-202110/8/2020
SDOB-DM-03-20-325MemorandumAmendment to DepEd Order No. 007, s. (School Calendar and Activities for School Year 2020-2021)10/8/2020
SDOB-DM-02-30-327MemorandumGuidelines on the Reconstitution of Inspectorate Team in the Department of Education Central Office, Regional and Schools Division Offices, and Schools 10/8/2020
SDOB-DM-02-20-326MemorandumGuidelines on the Conduct of Inspection and Delivery of Goods in Areas Under Enhanced Community Quarantine, Modified Enhanced Community Quarantine, and General Community Quarantine 10/8/2020
SDOB-DM-05-20-322MemorandumSkeleton Workforce at DepEd Regional Office IV-A10/7/2020
SDOB-DM-04-20-321Memorandum31st National Statistics Month (NSM) Celebration 10/7/2020
SDOB-DM-04-20-320MemorandumNational Adaption and Implementation of the Philippine Professional Standards for School Heads (PPSSH) 10/7/2020
SDOB-DM-04-20-319MemorandumNational Adaption and Implementation of the Philippine Professional Standards for Supervisors 10/7/2020
SDOB-DM-04-20-318MemorandumPostponement of 2020 CALABARZON Gawad Patnugot 10/7/2020
SDOB-DA-04-20-121Advisory Seminar Workshops and Conferences10/7/2020
SDOB-DA-03-20-120AdvisoryPlart Competition Invitation 10/7/2020
SDOB-DA-03-20-119AdvisoryDOST Grade 7 Scholars Academic Year 2021-202210/7/2020
SDOB-DA-03-20-118Advisory8th National Performing Arts Festival Virtual Competition 10/7/2020
SDOB-DM-05A-20-316MemorandumDeployment of Second Batch of Qualified Teacher Applicants for SY 2020-202110/6/2020
SDOB-DM-04-20-315MemorandumList of Media Partners to Air the National School Opening Program 10/4/2020
SDOB-DM-04-20-314MemorandumRegional and National School Opening Activities on October 5, 202010/4/2020
SDOB-DM-04-20-306MemorandumConduct of the 2020 National Teachers' Day Celebrations and Guidelines on the Virtual Conduct of Teachers' Day Got Talent10/2/2020
SDOB-DM-03-20-309MemorandumSummary of Agreements Made During the 19th Management Committee Meeting 10/2/2020
SDOB-DM-03-20-307MemorandumAddendum to RM 343, s. 2020 Re: Online Training for Implementers of Special Curricular Programs (SCPs) in the New Normal10/2/2020
SDOB-DM-02-20-311MemorandumOn-Site Validation of Module Printing and Distribution and Monitoring of Opening of Classes10/2/2020
SDOB-DM-02-20-310MemorandumReactivated Oplan Balik Eskwela Information and Action Center S.Y. 2020-202110/2/2020
SDOB-DM-03-20-308MemorandumOn-Site Validation of Module Printing and Distribution and Monitoring of Opening of Classes 10/2/2020
SDOB-DM-02-20-317MemorandumOrientation on the Use of Self-Procured Printing Modules10/2/2020
SDOB-DM-05A-20-312MemorandumResults of Hiring and Selection Process for Teacher II and III of Bacoor National High School 10/2/2020
SDOB-DM-05A-20-313MemorandumList of Qualified Teacher Applicants for Elementary, Junior and Senior High School for School Year 2020-202110/2/2020
SDOB-DA-03-20-117Advisory2020 National Science and Technology Week Animation Module Making Contest10/2/2020
SDOB-DA-03-20-116Advisory3rd National Science and Engineering Fair Philippines10/2/2020