November 2020

FileDocument TypeTitleDate
SDOB-DM-04-20-417MemorandumAdvisory on the Fourth Quarter Nationwide Simultaneous Earthquake Drill (NSED) 202011/27/2020
SDOB-DM-04-20-416MemorandumVirtual Coordination Meeting on the Appreciation and Finalization of Contextualized Means of Verification in Assessing and Validating School-Based Management Level of Practice11/27/2020
SDOB-DM-03-20-415MemorandumUpdated List of TVI Partners in Accordance to the Implementation of Joint Delivery Voucher Program for Senior High School Technical Vocational Livelihood Specializations (JDVP-TVL) for School Year 2019-202011/26/2020
SDOB-DM-03-20-414MemorandumCorrigendum to SDOB-DM-03-20-401 Re: Conduct of Capacity Building Activity of Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE) for Public Schools District Supervisors and School Heads 11/26/2020
SDOB-DM-04-20-413Memorandum2020 Educators' Day Celebration 11/26/2020
SDOB-DA-04-20-165AdvisoryPublic Webinar Series on Employee Mental Health and Well-Being11/26/2020
SDOB-DM-05C-20-412MemorandumReconstitution of the Division Inspectorate Team11/26/2020
SDOB-DA-04-20-164Advisory"Dugong Buhay: Dugong Alay, Pandugtong Buhay"11/26/2020
SDOB-DM-04-20-410MemorandumDivision Federated Election of Supreme Student Government As Basis For The Regional Federated Election Of The Student Government Program11/24/2020
SDOB-DM-05A-20-409MemorandumResults of Hiring and Selection Process for Master Teacher II Position in Elementary 11/23/2020
SDOB-DM-03-20-408MemorandumInvitation to Participate in the 4th National Climate Change Conference and National Day of Youth For Climate Action 11/23/2020
SDOB-DM-04-20-407MemorandumInvitation to Participate in the 2020 Climate Science Master Class 11/23/2020
SDOB-DM-03-20-406MemorandumAdministration of the Philippine Early Childhood Development (Phil. ECD) Checklist to Kindergarten Pupils11/23/2020
SDOB-DM-03-20-405MemorandumDivision Wellness Program 11/23/2020
SDOB-DA-03-20-163AdvisoryOnline Inspirational Maths From India III (IMI III) Webinar-Workshops 11/23/2020
SDOB-DA-03-20-162AdvisoryOnline Regional Mass Training on ALS Assessment Forms, BPOSA and Team Teaching 11/23/2020
SDOB-DA-03-20-161AdvisoryIRO 2020 DAEGU Korea11/23/2020
SDOB-DM-05-20-404MemorandumKnowledge Level Survey on Financial Literacy11/22/2020
SDOB-DM-03-20-403MemorandumLektura sa Pagpapahalagang Pilipino: Pinagyaman at Pinatatag ng Pamilya sa Panahon ng Pandemya11/22/2020
SDOB-DM-03-20-402Memorandum2020 Science Film Festival11/22/2020
SDOB-DA-04-20-160AdvisoryCorrigendum to Advisory SDOB-DA-04-20-143, Re: Invitation to First Webinar Series, Entitled: PIS! Kamusta Na Ang Iyong Pag-aaral"11/22/2020
SDOB-DM-03-20-401MemorandumConduct of Capacity Building Activity of Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE) for Public Schools District Supervisors and School Heads 11/20/2020
SDOB-DM-03-20-400MemorandumCorrigendum to DepEd Memorandum No. 044s, S. 202011/20/2020
SDOB-DM-05A-20-399MemorandumResults of Hiring and Selection Process for School Principal I & II for Elementary and Senior High School11/20/2020
SDOB-DM-05A-20-398MemorandumSubmission of Applications for Promotion of Teachers III Positions11/20/2020
SDOB-DM-05-20-397MemorandumInvitation to the Webinar for Senior Citizen Employees and Prospective Retirees of the Department of Education 11/20/2020
SDOB-DM-03-20-396MemorandumDivision Error Watch Team11/19/2020
SDOB-DM-04-20-395MemorandumPromotion of Leadership Excellence Awards for Girls11/19/2020
SDOB-DM-04-20-394MemorandumPreparation of Annual Accomplishment Report (AAR) FY 202011/19/2020
SDOB-DM-04-20-393MemorandumOrientation on Training Module on Lessons for the New Normal 11/19/2020
SDOB-DA-04-20-159Advisory CHRDF Inc. Incoming Continuing Professional Development for Teachers 11/19/2020
SDOB-DA-04-20-158AdvisoryAsia-Pacific E-Conference on MultiDisciplinary Research (APECMR)11/19/2020
SDOB-DA-04-20-157AdvisoryNational Children's Month Celebration 2020, Theme: Sama Samang Itaguyod and Karapatan ng Bawat Bata sa Panahon ng Pandemya11/19/2020
SDOB-DM-04-20-392Memorandum4th Quarter Nationwide Simultaneous Earthquake Drill 202011/19/2020
SDOB-DM-05A-20-390MemorandumConduct of Hiring & Selection for Principal IV of Bacoor National High School 11/19/2020
SDOB-DM 02-20-389MemorandumSubmission of Nominee to the 2021 Search on Princess Maha Chakri Award (PMCA)11/17/2020
SDOB-DM-04-20-388MemorandumSDO Bacoor Daloy Dunong Online-Webinar11/17/2020
SDOB-DM-03-20-387MemorandumGuidelines on the Implementation of the Joint Delivery Voucher Program for Senior High School Technical-Vocational-Livelihood Specializations for School Year 2020-202111/17/2020
SDOB-DM-03-20-386MemorandumOnline Regional Mass Training on New ALS Assessment Forms, Balik-Paaralan for Out-Of-School Youth (BPOSA) Team-Teaching 11/17/2020
SDOB-DA-03-20-156AdvisoryLeadership Excellence Award for Girls11/17/2020
SDOB-DM-04-20-385MemorandumProcessing of Voluntary Closure of Private Schools11/16/2020
SDOB-DM-04-20-384MemorandumInvitation to Participate in the Fourth Quarter Nationwide Simultaneous Earthquake Drill 202011/16/2020
SDOB-DA-04-20-155AdvisorySuspension of Work and Classes Due to Inclement Weather11/11/2020
SDOB-DM-04-20-383MemorandumDepEd Core Values Advocacy Campaign 11/11/2020
SDOB-DA-03-20-154AdvisorySDCA Founders' Week11/11/2020
SDOB-DA-04-20-153Advisory4th Quarter NSED and WTAD 2020 Banner Posting11/11/2020
SDOB-DA-04-20-152AdvisorySetting Effective Key Performance Measures11/11/2020
SDOB-DM-04-20-382MemorandumSubmission of Status and Documentation Report on the Proposed Activities for the Celebration of the 31st National Statistics Month11/10/2020
SDOB-DA-03-20-151AdvisoryWater Sustainability and Education: A Webinar for Teachers 11/10/2020
SDOB-DM-05C-20-381MemorandumFocus Group Discussion and Technical Assistance on the Conduct/Procedure of Open Competitive Bidding/Public Bidding 11/9/2020
SDOB-DM-02-20-380MemorandumPresentation of Result of the OPCRF 2019-2020 Performance Review 11/9/2020
SDOB-DM-04-20-379MemorandumDivision Seminar on Establishment of GAD Database and Utilization of Sex Disaggregated Data (SDD)11/9/2020
SDOB-DM-03b-20-378MemorandumDistribution of ALS Modules11/9/2020
SDOB-DM-04-20-377MemorandumDivision Orientation on Leadership Standards-Philippine Professional Standards for School Heads (PPSSH) and Philippine Professional Standards for Supervisors (PPSS) 11/6/2020
SDOB-DM-03-20-376MemorandumExtending the Deadline for Submission of Supporting Documents by Conditional Qualified Voucher Applicants Under the Senior High School Voucher Program for SY 2020-2021 (Amendment to DepEd Order No. 16, s. 2020)11/6/2020
SDOB-DA-03-20-150AdvisoryRescheduling of the Workshops on Industry Aligned Unique Specializations 11/6/2020
SDOB-DA-03-20-149AdvisoryFree Link Online Webinar Session 5 for Teachers11/6/2020
SDOB-DM-04-20-375MemorandumPostponement and Rescheduling of School-Based Feeding Program Milk Feeding Component11/5/2020
SDOB-DM-03-20-374MemorandumFrequently Ask Questions (FAQs) In the Implementation of the Curriculum and Instruction Component of the Basic Education - Learning Continuity Plan (BE-LCP)11/5/2020
SDOB-DM-04-20-373MemorandumDonation for Fire Victims at Barangay Alima and Barangay Sineguelasan11/5/2020
SDOB-DM-04-20-372MemorandumAssignments of Executive Committee Members Relative to Compliance of the Department of Education with the Provisions Under Republic Act No. 11494 Otherwise Known as the Bayanihan to Recover As One Act11/5/2020
SDOB-DA-03-20-148AdvisoryWord Wizard 202011/5/2020
SDOB-DA-04-20-147AdvisoryValues Restoration Program (VRP)11/5/2020
SDOB-DA-03-20-146Advisory2nd National Convention of TLE and TVL Education with Research Presentation and Publication 11/5/2020
SDOB-DM-04-20-371MemorandumWebinar Series on Strategic Management, Innovation, and Leadership in Education (SMILE)11/5/2020
SDOB-DM-05A-20-370MemorandumConduct of Hiring & Selection Process for Principal Applicants of Elementary and Senior High School11/5/2020
SDOB-DM-03-20-369MemorandumCrafting of Weekly Home Learning Plan11/3/2020
SDOB-DA-05-20-145AdvisoryDesignation of ARD as Officer-In-Charge11/3/2020
SDOB-DM-02-20-368MemorandumDivision Management Committee Meeting11/2/2020