March 2020

FileDocument TypeTitleDate
Regional MemorandumMemorandumClarificatory Guidance Relative to the Pantawid Cash Grants 2020-03-26
SDOB-DM-04-20-150MemorandumSubmission of Technical Assistance (TA) Needs2020-03-24
SDOB-DM-04-20-149MemorandumTeach On: Keeping The Passion Alive For Teachers2020-03-24
SDOB-DM-04-20-148MemorandumDeferment of All Procurement Activities2020-03-24
SDOB-DM-04-20-147MemorandumPrivate Schools Concerns in Light of COVID-19 Measures2020-03-24
SDOB-DM-05c-20-146MemorandumPostponement of Capacity Building for School Property Custodians/Supply Officers2020-03-23
DM-OER-DepEd-CommonsMemorandumIntroducing DEPED COMMONS2020-03-18
Proclamation No. 929ProclamationDeclaring A State Of Calamity Throughout The Philippines Due To CORONA VIRUS DISEASE 20192020-03-17
SDOB-DM-03-20-145MemorandumReiteration of the Guidelines for the Remainders of School year 2019-2020 In Light of COVID-19 Measures2020-03-17
SDOB-DM-04-20-144MemorandumSubmission of Accomplishment Report Forms for the Implementation of Integrated School Nutrition Model2020-03-17
SDOB-DM-04-20-143MemorandumMulti-Year Implementing Guidelines on the Conduct of the K to 12 Basic Education Program End-Of-School-Year Rites2020-03-16
SDOB-DM-04-20-142MemorandumSelection of Nominees for the 2020 CALABARZON Gawad Patnugot2020-03-16
SDOB-DM-04-20-141MemorandumPostponement of Division Federation of Supreme Pupil Government (DFSPG) and Division Federation of Supreme Student Government (DFSSG) Orientation and Online Election for SY 2020-20212020-03-16
SDOB-DM-04-20-140MemorandumCancellation of CY 2020 First Quarter Nationwide Simultaneous Earthquake Drill (NSED)2020-03-16
SDOB-DM-05A-20-139MemorandumList of Qualified Applicants for Planning Officer III and Medical Officer III2020-03-16
SDOB-DM-05A-20-138MemorandumCancellation of the Scheduled Interview and Demonstration Teaching of Teacher Applicants for Elementary, Junior and Senior High School2020-03-16
SDOB-DA-04-20-81AdvisoryEmbassy of Argentine Republic Presents V World Forum Local Economic Development2020-03-16
SDOB-DA-04-20-80AdvisoryThe Asia-Pacific Center for Continuing Professional Development Seminar-Workshops2020-03-16
SDOB-DA-04-20-079AdvisoryNational Special Educaton (SPED) Conference2020-03-13
SDOB-DM-03B-20-137MemorandumUpdates on the Use of Lesson Plans, Lesson Guides, and Training Videos on Financial Literacy Developed by BDO Foundation2020-03-12
SDOB-DM-04-20-136MemorandumPostponement of the Launching of CALABARZON Pivot 4A QUBE, CLEAR 2020 CUM Synchronization of Schools' Annual Implementation Plans (AIP)2020-03-12
SDOB-DM-03-20-135MemorandumGroup Chat Planning for the Crafting of Proposals for the SDO Bacoor City's Program on Greener Curriculum cum Robotics2020-03-12
SDOB-DM-03-20-133MemorandumCongratulatory Memorandum for the Winners of the 17th National Science Quest2020-03-12
SDOB-DM-05A-20-132MemorandumCorrigendum on the Schedule of Interview of Teacher Applicants for Elementary, Junior and Senior High Schools2020-03-12
SDOB-DM-04-20-131MemorandumPostponement of 2020 Senior High School Job Fair2020-03-12
SDOB-DM-03-20-130MemorandumCorrigendum on the Scheduled Date and Release of the Final List of Examinees of the First Qualifying Examination for Grade 1 Entrants- Special Science Elementary School (SSES) and Grade 7 Science, Technology and Engineering-Program (STE-P/SSC) for SY 2020-20212020-03-12
SDOB-DA-03-20-078Advisory39th Principals Training and Development Program cum National Board Conference2020-03-12
SDOB-DM-03b-20-134MemorandumDistribution of Learning Materials Procured by DepEd for ALS2020-03-12
SDOB-DA-04-20-077AdvisoryNew Trends in Empowering Education with Special Features on Instructional Leadership2020-03-10
SDOB-DM-04-20-129MemorandumAddendum to the SDOB-DM-04-20-105 RE: Launching of CALABARAZON Pivot 4A Qube, CLEAR 2020 cum Synchronization of Schools' Annual Implementation Plan (AIP)2020-03-09
SDOB-DM-04A-20-128MemorandumReiteration of the Fifth Set of Policy Directives of DepEd Task Force Covid-192020-03-09
SDOB-DM-04-20-127MemorandumSubmission of Inventory Emergency Supplies and Equipment2020-03-09
SDOB-DA-04-20-076AdvisoryCSC Announcement no. 40 s. 2017 (Implementation of Values Restoration Program)2020-03-09
SDOB-DA-04-20-074AdvisoryPara Kay Juana Kababaihang Kabataang Bacooreño Empowerment Seminar2020-03-09
SDOB-DA-01-20-075AdvisoryDepEd Central Office APDS Task Force Resolution No. 1 s. 20202020-03-09
SDOB-DM-03B-20-125MemorandumDistribution of Multiple Career Development Pathways (MCDP) Toolkit for Grade 102020-03-09
SDOB-DM-03B-20-124 MemorandumMultiple Career Development Pathways (MCDP) Toolkit2020-03-09
SDOB-DM-04-20-126MemorandumDivision Federation of Supreme Pupil Government (DFSPG) and Division Federation of Supreme Student Government (DFSSG) Orientation and Online Election for SY 2020-20212020-03-09
SDOB-DA-04-20-073AdvisoryFilm Showing for a Cause2020-03-05
SDOB-OM-13-20-06 Office MemorandumConduct of Process Quality Review (PQR) for the Month of March 20202020-03-05
SDOB-DM-04-20-122MemorandumReiteration of DepEd Policy on No Collection and End of the School Year Rites2020-03-05
SDOB-DM-05C-20-123MemorandumReconstitution of the Division Bids and Awards Committee2020-03-05
SDOB-DA-01-20-072 AdvisoryVehicle Parking Guidelines within BGC Compound2020-03-04
SDOB-DA-01-20-071 AdvisoryInvitation to Participate in the Selection of New DepEd Uniform Designs2020-03-04
SDOB-DM-04-20-121MemorandumConduct of ELLNA, NATG6, NATG10, and BEEA for School Year 2019-20202020-03-04
SDOB-DM-03-20-120 MemorandumPublic Schools Participants in the 2020 International Kangaroo Mathematics Competition 2020-03-04
SDOB-DM-05c-20-119 MemorandumCapacity Building for School Property Custodians/Supply Officers2020-03-04
SDOB-DM-04-20-118 MemorandumConduct of Summer Class for SY 2019-20202020-03-04
SDOB-DM-04-20-117Memorandum2020 Brigada Eskwela Jingle Contest Result2020-03-04
SDOB-NM-04-20-08Notice of MeetingBacoor City Teachers Federation Meeting2020-03-03
SDOB-DA-04-20-069AdvisoryRequest for Addendum/Advisory on Rescheduling of the International Seminar-Workshop on Workbook Writing and Publishing2020-03-03
SDOB-DA-04-20-070AdvisoryAPA Educators in Cooperation with International Journal in Advance Studies' International Seminars and Conferences2020-03-03
SDOB-DM-04-20-116Memorandum8th National Principals congress of the National Association of Public Secondary Schools of the Philippines Inc.2020-03-03
SDOB-DM-04-20-115Memorandum2020 Research O'Clock2020-03-03
SDOB-DM-04-20-113MemorandumYouth for Environment in Schools Organization (YES-O) Election Period2020-03-03
SDOB-DM-04-20-114MemorandumCorrigendum to the Regional Memorandum no. 147 s. 2020 Entitled Search for Outstanding Learners in Drug Abuse Prevention Advocacy2020-03-03
SDOB-DA-03-20-068AdvisoryCouncilwide Basic Training Course for Unit Leaders2020-03-03
SDOB-DM-05A-20-112MemorandumSchedule of Interview and Demonstration of Teacher Applicants for Elementary, Junior and Senior High Schools2020-03-02
SDOB-DM-05A-20-11MemorandumComposition of Division Sub-Committee for the Evaluation and Selection of Teacher Applicant's for SY 2020-20212020-03-02