February 2020

FileDocument TypeTitleDate
SDOB-DM-08-20-110 Memorandum Validation and Provision of Technical Assistance (TA) on Creating Office 365 Accounts2020-02-28
SDOB-DA-03-20-67 AdvisoryCity of Bacoor Singing Ambassador and Teatro Baile De Bacoor2020-02-28
SDOB-DA-04-20-066 AdvisoryRightsize Splat Offering for Philippine Republic Junior High Schools2020-02-28
SDOB-DA-04-20-065 AdvisorySibol: Young Scholars Conference and Contest: Responding to Social Issues Through Research2020-02-28
SDOB-DA-03-20-064 Advisory10th Pelikultura: The CALABARZON Film Festival2020-02-28
SDOB-DM-03-20-109 Memorandum Submission of Nominee To The National Search for Exemplary Teachers, "The Many Faces of Teachers" (TMFT)2020-02-28
SDOB-DM-04-20-108 Memorandum Conduct of 2020 Senior High School Job Fair2020-02-28
SDOB-DM-03-20-107 MemoranddumAddendum to Regional Memorandum Nos. 11 and 54, s. 2020, Re: Phase 2 Cliniquing of the 2020 NSPC Qualifiers for Individual and Group Categories.2020-02-28
SDOB-DM-03-20-106 Memorandum Corrigendum to Regional Memorandum Nos. 60 and 97, s. 2020, Re: Workshop on the Development of the 4AQUBE Budget of Work (BOW) in All Learning Areas for Key Stages 1-32020-02-28
SDOB-DM-04-20-105 MemorandumLaunching of CALABARZON Pivot 4A Qube, Clear 2020 cum Synchronization of Schools' Annual Implementation Plans (AIP)2020-02-28
SDOB-DA-04-20-063AdvisoryThe Training-Workshop on the Conduct of Scientific Research2020-02-27
SDOB-DA-04-20-062AdvisoryInternational Seminar on Research Capacity Building2020-02-27
SDOB-DM-06-20-104Memorandum Seminar Workshop on the Preparation of FY 2021 Budget Proposals2020-02-27
SDOB-DA-04-20-061AdvisoryBSDA's Training Center's International Seminar-Workshops2020-02-26
SDOB-DM-04-20-103Memorandum CALABARZON Online Submission of Infectious Diseases and Weekly SARS-CoV 19 Health Situation Report2020-02-26
SDOB-DM-03-20-102Memorandum Compliance with DepEd Policies on Food Safety in Schools2020-02-26
SDOB-DM-04-20-101Memorandum Invitation for Fire Prevention Month 2020 Events2020-02-26
SDOB-DM-03-20-100Memorandum Third Set Policy of Directives of the DepEd Task Force Covid-192020-02-26
SDOB-DM-03-20-099Memorandum New Template in Submitting Articles for Publication in TEANING NG CALABARZON2020-02-26
SDOB-DM-03-20-098Memorandum Proposal to Use Sablay Instead of Toga for End-of-School-Year Rites in Elementary and Secondary Schools2020-02-26
SDOB-DA-04-20-060AdvisoryDeveloping Life-Ready Leaders in the 21st Century2020-02-24
SDOB-DA-04-20-059AdvisoryThe 2020 International Leadership Training for Educators and International Training on High Impact Teaching2020-02-24
SDOB-DM-04-20-097Memorandum Promoting of Best Practices, Programs and Projects through Social Media Campaign #Dito Sa CALABARZON2020-02-24
SDOB-DM-03-20-096Memorandum Strengthening the Voice of Students and Teaching Non-Teaching Personnel through Facebook #inspiration4all Campaign2020-02-20
SDOB-DA-04-20-058AdvisoryResearch Capability Building In-Depth Training Workshop and Intermediate Statistical Analysis Seminar-Workshop2020-02-20
SDOB-DM-05A-20-095Memorandum List of Qualified Applicants for Elementary and Senior High School Teacher II and Elementary School Principal I2020-02-20
SDOB-DM-05A-20-094Memorandum List of Qualified Applicants for Administrative Assistant I to III2020-02-20
SDOB-DM-04-20-093Memorandum Senior High School Tracer Study2020-02-20
SDOB-DM-04-20-092Memorandum Search for Outstanding Learners in Drug Abuse Prevention Advocacy2020-02-19
SDOB-DA-04-20-057AdvisoryRegional Seminar-Workshop on Teachers'Rights and Children's Welfare2020-02-19
SDOB-DA-04-20-056Advisory2020 Personnel Officers Association of the Philippines (POAP) Training Calendar2020-02-19
SDOB-DA-04-20-055AdvisoryFire Prevention Month Kick-Off Ceremony2020-02-17
SDOB-DM-04-20-091Memorandum Constitution of SDO Program on Awards and Incentives for Service Excellence (PRAISE) Committee2020-02-17
SDOB-DM-04-20-090Memorandum Division Field Technical Assistance (FTA) in all Public Elementary, Junior and Senior High Schools2020-02-17
SDOB-DA-01-20-053AdvisorySubmission of Justification for Non-Compliance with Philgeps Requirement and Other Procurement-Related Criteria for the Grant of Performance-Based Bonus CY 20182020-02-17
SDOB-DA-01-20-054AdvisoryRevocation of Instructions to Hold in abeyance Pending Movement of Field Officials Issued Under Regional Order No. 7 S.20192020-02-17
SDOB-DM-03-20-089Memorandum Corrigendum to Division Memorandum No. SDOB-DM-03-20-056, RE: 2020 CALABARZON Heroes Games2020-02-17
SDOB-DM-0320-088Memorandum Congratulatory Memorandum for the Qualifiers of the 2020 RoboRave International California, USA2020-02-17
SDOB-DM-04-20-087Memorandum Guidelines on the Conduct of School-Based Training Program2020-02-14
SDOB-DM-04-085Memorandum Voice of CALABARZON: DepEd CALABARZON’S Online Feedback Mechanism2020-02-14
SDOB-DM-04-20-086Memorandum Supporting the Institutionalization of the Community-Driven Development Approach as a National Strategy for Inclusive Growth and Social Protection2020-02-14
SDOB-DA-04-20-052 AdvisoryThe Fundamentals of Action Research Methodologies, Rubrics of Research Presentation and How to Get Published in a Peer-Reviewed Academic Journal2020-02-14
SDOB-DM-04-20-084Memorandum Orientation on National School Building Inventory System (NSBI) Uploading2020-02-13
SDOB-DM-04-20-083Memorandum Non-Suspension of Elections of Supreme Pupil/Student Government and Automated Election System (SPG/SSG-AES)2020-02-13
SDOB-DM-03-20-082Memorandum Postponement of PTPD RASH 2nd Batch CALABARZON2020-02-13
SDOB-DA-04-20-051AdvisoryNew Announcemnts from Private Education Assistance Committee (PEAC)2020-02-13
SDOB-DM-04-20-081Memorandum Conduct of the 1st Quarter Simultaneous Earthquake Drill2020-02-13
SDOB-DM-04-20-077Memorandum Accomplishment of Post-Training Effectiveness Tool2020-02-13
SDOB-DM-04-20-079Memorandum 2019 Novel Coronavirus Acute Respiratory Disease (2019-NCOV ARD) DepEd Situation Report (SITREP) No. 10 as of 09 February 2020, 1800H2020-02-13
SDOB-DM-04-20-078Memorandum Creation of the Department of Education Uniform Committee for School Years 2020-2021 and 2021-20222020-02-13
SDOB-DM-03-20-076Memorandum Cancellation of Pasinaya: CCP Open House Festival 20202020-02-13
SDOB-DM-03-20-080Memorandum Congratulatory Memorandum for 2020 International Microcoding Championship Singapore Qualifiers2020-02-13
SDOB-DA-03-20-050Advisory1st Perpetual Got Talent 20202020-02-11
SDOB-DA-03-20-049AdvisorySouthern Luzon Inter-High School Debate Encounter2020-02-11
SDOB-DA-03-20-048AdvisoryNational Gawad Dyornalismo 20202020-02-11
SDOB-NM-05C-20-06Notice of MeetingBAC Meeting2020-02-11
SDOB-DA-01-20-047Memorandum Dissemination of Presidential Issuances (Republic Act No. 11466, Administrative Order No. 20 and Executive Order No. 101)2020-02-10
SDOB-DM-06-20-074MemorandumDeadline of the Monthly School Maintenance and Other Operating Expenses (MOOE) Liquidation Report for the Year 20202020-02-10
SDOB-DM-03-20-073MemorandumNotification of DepEd Memorandum No. 15, s. 2020 Entitled First Set of Policy Directives of the DepEd Task Force NCOV2020-02-10
SDOB-DM-04-20-071 MemorandumOrientation of Supreme Government Online Election Voting System2020-02-07
SDOB-DM-04-20-072 MemorandumFirst Set of Policy Directives of the DepEd Task Force NCOV2020-02-07
SDOB-NM-04-20-05 Notice of Meeting2020 SHS Job Fair Meeting2020-02-07
SDOB-DM-04-20-070 MemorandumCreation of a Task Force for the Management of the Department of Education Response to Novel Corona Virus Acute Respiratory Disease2020-02-07
SDOB-DM-03-20-068 MemorandumCongratulatory Memorandum to Jyuan Miguel G Bendo, Silver Award for Outstanding Achievement during the 2019 World International Mathematics Olympiad2020-02-07
SDOB-DM-04-20-069 MemorandumCreation of a National technical Working Group for the 11th Asean Education Ministers Meeting and other Asean-Related Meeting2020-02-07
SDOB-DM-04-20-067 MemorandumGuidelines for NEAP Recognition of Professional Development Programs and Courses for Teachers and School Leaders2020-02-07
SDOB-DM-04-20-066 MemorandumSubmission of Entries to the 2020 Brigada Eskwela Jingle Contest2020-02-07
SDOB-DA-04-20-046 AdvisoryInstitue of Leaders in Educational Advancement and Development (i.LEAD) Seminar-Workshops2020-02-07
SDOB-DM-04-20-065 MemorandumSubmission of Off-Campus Activities in Aid of House Bill 21772020-02-05
SDOB-DM-04-20-064MemorandumConduct of Make-Up Classes2020-02-05
SDOB-DM-08-20-063 MemorandumStandard Display for all DepEd-Issued Laptops, ablets and LCD Monitors/Projectors2020-02-05
SDOB-DM-04-20-062MemorandumLaunching of 13th Villar Sipag Agricrops Production Program2020-02-05
NV No. 03 S. 2020Notice of VacancyMedical Officer III2020-02-05
NV No. 02 S. 2020 Notice of VacancyAdministrative Officer II2020-02-05
SDOB-DA-04-20-045 AdvisoryDepEd Advisory to All Teaching and Non-Teaching Personnel in Response to Securities and Exchange Commission Issuance2020-02-05
SDOB-DM-03B-20-61MemorandumSubmission of Updated Learners Resources Situation Report2020-02-05
SDOB-DM-04-20-060 MemorandumCongratulatory Memorandum for 2019 National Brigada Eskwela Best Implementing School2020-02-05
SDOB-DM-03-20-059 MemorandumSchool-Based Feeding Program (SBFP) for SY 2019-2020, School Endline Nutritional Status and Accomplishment Report2020-02-05
SDOB-DM-05A-20-058MemorandumConduct of Open-Ranking System on the Evaluation and Selection of Bacoor National High School Teacher II and Teacher III2020-02-05
SDOB-DM-03-20-056 MemorandumCorrigendum to Division Memorandum No. SDOB-DM-03-20-17, RE Participation of Bacoor City to the CALABARZON Heroes Game2020-02-04
SDOB-DM-03-20-057MemorandumLearning Opportunities for School Health and Nutrition Personnel Involved in the Implementation of OK sa DepEd2020-02-04
SDOB-DA-04-20-044 AdvisoryInternational Seminar Workshop on Enhancing the K to 12 Curriculum through the 21st Century Teaching and Learning Strategies2020-02-04
SDOB-DM-03-20-055 MemorandumSchool Heads' Emergency Meeting2020-02-04
NV No. 01 S. 2020Notice of VacancyPlanning Officer III2020-02-04
SDOB-NM-04-20-04 Notice of MeetingRed Cross Youth Council Advisers Regular Monthly Meeting2020-02-03
SDOB-DM-08-20-053 MemorandumCreation of Accounts for School Canteen Operations Monitoring System2020-02-03
SDOB-NM-04-20-03 Notice of MeetingCoordination Meeting for Orientation of Supreme Government Online Voting System2020-02-03
SDOB-DM-04-20-054 MemorandumElection Calendar for Supreme Pupil Government (SPG) and Supreme Student Government (SSG) for SY 2020-20212020-02-03
SDOB-OM-13-20-04 Office MemorandumConduct of Process Quality Review (PQR) for the Month of February 20202020-02-03