Gearing up for the opening of classes in August, Bacoor layout artists, illustrators, and learning resource coordinators attended the Division Webinar on Illustration and Layout of contextualized learner’s materials last June 25-26. Organized by Bacoor SDO’s Curriculum Implementation Division headed by its chief, Dr. Editha B. Gregorio along with Learning Resources Management and Development System Coordinator Laarni R. Granado, hundreds of talented teacher-artists from different schools attended the 2-day webinar series.

The first day of activities was kick-offed by Division Librarian Jennifer U. Cruz who introduced Assistant Schools Division Superintendent Lerma L. Flandez for the welcoming remarks. In her speech, Dr. Flandez called educators as heroes and reassured that SDO will continue supporting activities that will benefit both educators and Learners. She ended her welcoming message by leaving the educators with a timely piece of advice–” Let the anxiety out and let God’s peace in”.

The activity was then passed to the first day’s moderator, Dr. Julieta R. De Jesus who welcomed the session’s facilitator, Dr. Laarni R. Granado. Under Dr. Granado, the teacher-artists learned the General Guide for Developing Modules based on PIVOT 4A LM Standards. Dr. Granado creatively shared her lecture by conducting a puzzle that features important factors in module making such as structure, sequence, content, and language which she then proceeded to discuss in depth.

This was followed by a discussion about Guidelines in Illustration facilitated by Mr. Jaspher D. Tabuada. During his lecture, Mr. Tabuada discussed guidelines that illustrators must follow when making their own modules. He also discussed the practical reasons behind these guidelines to ensure that Bacoor illustrators will take their new learnings to heart.

After the second session, the activity was graced by the presence of Schools Division Superintendent Editha M. Atendido who delivered an inspirational message. In he

r address, Dr. Atendido expressed her joy that Bacoor has talented, capable teachers who can contribute not only by teaching students but can also share their technical knowledge. Dr. Atendido also echoed Regional Director Wilfredo Cabral’s statement that teachers must learn new things in order to cope with changes.

The third session of the webinar series was headed by Mr. Leomar G. Paracha. He discussed the technicalities of layouting and demonstrated his first-hand knowledge in using the Microsoft Publisher application.

Mr. Jaspher Tabuada returned to tackle Illustration for Beginners. Mr. Tabuada shared his knowledge and previous outputs to the attendees. He then challenged the attendees to create their very own character which they will use for other activities. A forum for questions was opened headed by Mathematics EPS Anthony Zeus Caringal.

The second day of activities was moderated by Dr. Helen A. Gutierrez and Dr. Laarni Granado. Dr. Gutierrez introduced the first speaker, Ms. Jennifer U. Cruz who tackled the Terms of Reference and Rubrics in Evaluating Pivot 4A Learner’s Materials. This is quickly followed by a discussion about Body Text Modifications by Mr. Edgardo Gallega. These guides will further help teachers in preparing their own modules.

The final session of the webinar series was facilitated by Mr. Joseph Dolorpo. In his session, Mr. Dolorpo shared his artistic skills with the attendees using the PaintTool Sai application. Ms. Cherry R. Varon then proceeded to open the floor for questions which were enthusiastically answered by the facilitators.

The public can expect more training activities organized by the Bacoor Schools Division Office such as this webinar. This is to further enhance and prepare educators as they face new learning modalities for this school year.